DJ Taku Bio

☆Taku Takahashi

Taku Takahashi launched his career in 1998 as the DJ/Producer of the J-Pop music group "m-flo." The group quickly rose to prominence and over the last decade has sold over 2 million copies of their 30 singles and 10 albums. He is also well-known for his solo work as a producer/ songwriter and has proven himself as one of Japan's top internationally recognized artists in winning the Beatport Music Awards. In 2011, he established Japan's first and only Dance Music Radio Station "" He has over 23,000 followers on his Instagram site.


Soho Nakano

Soho Nakano is a renowned Japanese calligrapher and black and white artist from Shizuoka, Prefecture. She has done exhibitions throughout Japan as well as in New York, Germany, India, the Netherlands, Spain, and the U.K. For her, a mental state of "Nothingness" is the first step to begin any creative work for Soho Nakano. When she starts to paint, there is no way of knowing how the painting will turn out. With regards to her creation, she does not believe she is the one who paints, but some unseen force is painting through her. The impressions that accumulate from her inner self through normal daily life seem to fuse with the inspiration of the moment and the spirit within her soars to draw at a stroke. A nurse by profession, she is now a Suibokuga artist who reflects on the ups and downs in her life experiences and now creates beautiful images which will impress all generations of her artistry and talent. Suiboku-ga, also called Sumi-e is a technique that first developed in China and was taken to Japan by Zen Buddhist monks in the mid 14th Century to create Japanese monochrome ink paintings. She is coming to the Anaheim Japan Fair to showcase her talent and an exhibition of her work will follow at the Anaheim MUZEO and Cultural Museum the following day.